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Vandal House Cornish Rex

Colorful, Curly, Busy Cats⁠—with a Spot of Tea.

Vandal House Cornish Rex is a Cornish Rex cattery in Omaha, Nebraska. Our mission is to preserve the elegant Cornish Rex cat breed by creating new lines and in doing so, give others the opportunity to add a Cornish Rex cat to their family. ❧

Why Are We Called Vandal House?

Cornish Rex cats are athletic, sociable, curious, and keep very busy. That's why we affectionately refer to all cats in the Vandal House clowder as The Vandals. They can reach the highest spot in the kitchen in a single bound. They greet guests by hopping onto their shoulders and nuzzling their ears. The Vandals want to share in whatever you're doing, whether putting away groceries, making beds, or sitting on your warm lap as you read a book. Vandal House Cats delight guests and are especially active during tea parties I host for my friends.







Kitten and Cat Availability

There are no kittens or cats available at this time. We anticipate having another litter in Spring, 2023.
All Vandal House Cornish Rex kittens are CFA-registered.

Contact Us

Kittens, Cats, Tea Parties &
Vandals Being Vandals.

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